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Website Development Process

Our Process

Website development needs to be a conversation. To make a website development project successful, we need to uncover your business goals. Understanding your business helps allows us to get a better idea of what types of solutions make sense for you and your business to grow and be relevant to your targeted customer.




Our process starts with an in person, phone, or video conference call. During this meeting we will discuss your goals, requirements, competition, and any other items that make your project unique.

Planning and Proposal

We strategize a game plan based on our initial conversation. Additionally, we gather design inspiration from similar businesses in your category (either national or local competitors). We make a mockup of the initial design to help visualize your concepts. Finally, we lay out the scope of the project and the cost of making your vision become reality.





Content Collection & Billing

We have made it to the most crucial portion of the build. What is a website without content? We work with you to gather content from your existing presence if you are updating your website, promotional materials, client interviews, etc. Once the down payment is collected, we can enter into the build process.

Website Development & Build

Ready to go? Let’s get started! We start by implementing your initial design that you have signed off on. We build the bones of the site with the main pages, navigation, header and footer on our staging site. This will give you an initial look at the build to see where any additional content may be needed.





Review Process

We turn everything over to you. You can review and make notes of the changes that are required.

Project Completion & Launch

We finalize any changes from your review and finalize and remining updates that need to happen behind the scenes. Once completed and you are satisfied with the project, we are ready to launch. Post launch, training can be scheduled for any day-to-day operation you would require, and the final invoice is issued for the remainder of the project balance.


Local Websites help Local Business

When you have a local presence, local consumers can find you. Help them find you with a new website build.